At Pragmatech Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – we intend to focus on health problems, which are pertinent to India or a limited resource setting.

Preventive Diagnosis has a vital role to play in improving the health of a population, which is extremely essential in an aspirational country such as ours. However, diagnostic strategies for preventive screening which are followed in other developed countries cannot be forced upon our country because of several challenges which are unique here. Pragmatech believes in identifying these lacunae and problems, and addressing them effectively through our innovations.

At the heart of Pragmatech is a team with a deep understanding of the market, a strong scientific basis to develop solutions and a passion to make an impact on lives. We are a team of 4 co-founders with complementing skills and domain expertise.

Mr. Anirban Palit

Co-founder & Managing Director

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Ms. Palna Patel

Co-founder & Outreach-Lead

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Ms. Sayantani Pramanik, PhD

Co-founder & Product Lead

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Dr. Bhagirath Modi

Co-founder & Medical Affairs-Lead

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